Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rare...Medium...Well Done

Bookman's Corner...a hidden (no understatement) gem in Lincoln Park.
I've walked by store? many times.
It has never been least when I have passed by.

I'm dying to go in.

I'm intrigued by this place.

It's hard to see...but the books...are just haphazardly tossed throughout the store. on top of the other.
I've peered inside...stacks of books, papers, stuff...everywhere.

I must get in there.

I'm pretty certain he isn't using the Dewey Decimal System...
in fact, there seems to be no system in place at all.

But, can you imagine the smell of all the old books?
What hidden treasures await?

If you know me, I love the hunt of a really good deal.
I'm anxious to peruse and find some hidden coffee table book or
some dusty copy of the next classic on my list.

A chaotic mess...
but it looks like a fantastic place to kill some time this Saturday or Sunday 
while the rain comes down...

So, I'll grab my Indiana Jones hat and make my way inside there this weekend...
I'll let you know what turns up.


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