Thursday, February 27, 2014

A page turner…finally


Is a damn good book.  

I was visiting my friend in Detroit and I knew he had some work to do.
While we were running errands I asked if we could pop by Barnes and Noble.
I wanted to grab a book.  
I had recently heard about this one…
so, I thought I'd run in and get it.

I got a coffee…
perused the mags…
found the book and 
once we got in the car...
I opened the book jacket and started to read it. 

I wasn't even sure what the book was about.
Only that I had heard it was worth the read.
Honestly, I haven't been reading much…which isn't like me.  
I'd pick something up and nothing had been grabbing me.  

He asked me what it was about…
I was skimming and trying to summarize out loud…
 when I stumbled over a word I didn't recognize.


I Googled it.
It was used in this sentence…

…and the ruthless machinations of fate.

It means…in case you are wondering…
the act of plotting…
a crafty scheme or cunning design for the accomplishment of a sinister end.

And then, he says, we have to use it in a sentence of our own...
I totally like this guy...cause how cute is that?
Except that I was like…uh…you go first...

Anyway, once we got back, I dove into the book…
 and three hours later he is like…uh…wanna do something with me? 
Or should I turn on the light so you can see better?

I think I'll leave it at that.  

I promised Vee I'd send it to her when I finish it.

Then, I think I'll break it down later for you guys.
What I liked, why I liked it…etc.

Promise me though…
put it on your book list…

I'm reading…I'm blogging and this weekend I'm doing some photography for FATE.  
Look at me…
Over here liven'

…and the ruthless machinations of fate are after me…thankfully…plotting for my return.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Never Look Back

This was one of the last pictures I took in Chicago.  
I was walking in on my last day of work.  
A blood red sky with a blazing yellow highlight.  
Isn't it?  

My last day. 
My last picture.  
Not so much. 

I remember telling a friend I was moving to Michigan.  
You're leaving Chicago?  
You seem like such a city girl.
Do I?  
In all honesty, I didn't embrace the city like I had embraced new places in the past.  
I really can't pinpoint why.   
(see...I keep asking myself questions)
But, it's okay if I can't pinpoint the answer.  
Somethings, take longer to figure out.

The new conversations consist of; don't you miss it?  
I mean, of course I do.  
But not in the way that I want to go back.  
Go back to LIVE that is. 

Never look back.
It sounds so…definitive…doesn't it?  

When you move as much as I have and you initially make the change…
it's easy to misinterpret feelings.  Your feelings of unsettledness.  
The emotional ups and downs…how madly they fluctuate. 
 Funny, how somedays I feel so exhausted from…??I don't know what...the emotion?  
Or, is it from the chaos my mind is in trying to sort out the routine? 
Trying to create the new rhythm my life will take.  

I mean one day, I could run all over Michigan exploring and discovering my new turf and the next day I can't force myself to walk out the front door.  
Or is it?  
I have come to find out…this is change.  
It's okay.  We all operate differently.  
And, well, it has to be okay.  I'm embracing it.  
Letting myself sort it out…when I can.  
Run with the energy and succumb to the withdrawal.  

I should clarify, I don't mean NEVER look back.  
Just don't look back in regret.  
Don't look back thinking…what have I done?  
Is this a mistake?  
Don't misinterpret the chaos that comes with change as a mistake.  
But rather, the exciting opportunity to better yourself.  
Challenge yourself.  
Surprise yourself.  

It is also wonderful when that unsuspecting shift takes place…like the wind blew in some sort of goodness and you feel like you didn't think about it once…
you know, you didn't think about the WHY…
you just got up, brushed your teeth and went on your way.  
Like it was exactly where you belonged.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Do you do this?  

Just ask yourself questions over and over.  

 I have asked myself this too many times…WHY have I abandoned OTC?  

I found myself here the other day…just reading through the posts.  
It will probably sound weird…but I missed it.  
Not what I had to say, but just writing things down.  
Taking pictures and documenting my little life here.  
It was something I had always enjoyed doing, but no longer made time for.

I just kept thinking about writing something.  
And never did.  

I finally said to myself...just go do it.  
Sit down…
don't think too much and just write stuff…
literally, write 'off the cuff' here I am.

It feels like the right time to start something again.  

Don't you love the magic of beginnings?   

To fill you in, I've moved. 
 I left the city and moved to the country.  
No joke. 
 I packed up my place in Chicago and made my way to Sawyer, MI.  

It's quiet here.  
But, I will tell you, I have always loved both extremes.  
That dichotomy of city life…and now country living.  

Very different, indeed. 

It happened pretty quickly…but then, it really didn't.  
I feel like I had been laying the foundation for several months.  
I had been thinking about making a move and then it fell into place.  

A job turned into a bigger opportunity…I found a new place to call home…
I'm closer to old friends and family…creating new routines and 
I'm looking forward to making new friends and…
 it seems like I am figuring out the answers to why.  

You just have to be willing to react to the questions. 

So, with a splash of wine in my hand…
my little universe seems temporarily balanced.

Welcome to my new LIFE…
this city girl has gone country...