Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Literary foraging - bring a shovel.

 AH HA!  
This past Saturday I found Bookman's Corner OPEN!
I went in...

It said no camera's allowed...
but there was no way anyone
would see me take a few snaps.
Piles....and PILES 
of books.
Thus, I began my search to find exactly what I forgot I was looking for.
WARNING: If OCD stay away.
Somehow, the mystery in the overwhelming disorganization
caused quite a stir in me.
I wasn't sure where to begin...
so, I just wandered.
I let myself get lost looking.
Picking up random books...
listening to conversations...
watching people...
I loved it here.
The 'locator tabs' were hand-made...
the owner's attempt at applying some sort of structure to the chaos.
And the smell...just like I had imagined.
I wouldn't come here looking for something will never find it.

I walked away with four books for $6!
I replaced Catcher in the Rye as I gave my copy to Vee.
I've been wanting to read Sharp Objects every since I couldn't put down Gone Girl!  Score!
The proprietor told me as he picked up Steinbeck, promise me you will throw this book away once you've finished reading it.  In fact, he tossed the book behind him in a pile and laughed.  I'd be doing you a favor, you know.  Then he said, okay, I can't charge you more than a $1.
 Still want it?
 I can already tell I may not get through it...what is with the classics? fav...Oscar Wilde...couldn't pass it up. 
I'll tell you something, this place deserves a special trip.
I can't wait to bring Steinbeck back.
It was about closing time when I left.
I walked outside and saw this station wagon.
You're thinking what I'm thinking...aren't you?
Seems to me, the guy who owns the book store,
probably owns this car.

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