Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Equinox...a celestial event!

Today is the start of a new season.  
An opportunity to renew.
A time to discover which parts of yourself you'd
like to embrace and expand upon.
And, which parts to put behind you.

Today was a beautiful day in Chicago.
I captured this photo on my jog to the lake this morning.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  
It is one of nature's most beautiful seasons, in my opinion.

I hope we all welcome it with open arms.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fierce a magical place

Have you ever been somewhere and it just felt magical?
Like a were with all of your favorite people...
and you were smiling...laughing...feeling 
happy and wonderful...

I was at that magical place this past weekend.
It all happened in my sister's backyard.
It was heaven on earth.
It really was.

My niece Ashley married her longtime beau, Mark. was a beautiful sight to see.

I asked a wedding photographer once...what's the shot? 
You know, the one you want...
She said to me...everyone is going to be all eyes on the bride as she makes her entrance...
but that's when you turn to look at the groom...
And, that is what I do at every wedding.
When she makes her appearance...
I turn and look at him...
He was crying...

and she took my breath away...
my beautiful niece!

My family!

I posted an album on Facebook with pictures detailing 
the event... 
I hope you will go check it out.

It was an amazing weekend.
Filled with family, friends, love, laughter and MAGIC.

Ashley and Mark

The Pryzbyla's begin...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ya'll evah been to Nashville?

This past weekend, I attended my friend Matt Banks wedding in Nashville, TN.

He married THE MOST ADORABLE girl, Mandy!  

The nuptials took place at the beautiful Scarritt Bennett Center Wightman Chapel.

Katie and I after the service.

Be warned:
This dress is making a repeat appearance next weekend. 

We had so much fun together!

Introducing, Matt and Mandy Banks!!

This reminded me of Carrie getting stuffed in the limo on Sex and the City!
She looked stunning!


Isn't this beautiful?
Down to the details!

I loved the draped linens and the band was amazing!

The reception was held at
Marathon Music Works.
I loved it!

Best photo bomb picture ever!  

Sparklers to send them off!

I love this picture of Katie!  
She has the best spirit!  
Can't you see it?

Nashville is a cool town...there was definitely more to our 
event-filled weekend...
I'll share with you later.

I'm on the wedding my friend Cindy said.

Vanessa and Amanda fly in tomorrow and we are off to Elkhart
to celebrate 
Ashley and Marc.

More to come!