Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding DIY

My Niece, Ashley, is one of the most creative people I know.

She made these wooden boxes, stained them,
 stenciled sayings and stuffed them with flowers.
I love the burlap sunflower!

So kewl!

YOU nique...I just love it!

Laugh Out Loud...we did a lot of that!


If you haven't been to Ashley's amazing motivational site

you should.

You can also find her on Facebook - 

I look forward to sharing the wedding with you and how it all came together!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

While back in Indiana....

Marc and Ashley
Tying the knot 
September 7, 2013

Portraying 'American Gothic' painting by Grant Wood.

We like to remain creative while doing yard work.

You heard that right...
I went back to Elkhart this past weekend to help work in the yard...
where the upcoming nuptials will take place.

We have a little joke in our family with Lucinda...
most 'events' that take place at her house...
 we end up doing yard work...
literally, up until guests arrive...
so, I was waiting for it...
the call...
or how she would slide in the ask...

I can't even remember how it went down...
I think she started with something like,
'hey, whatcha doin next weekend?'
and there it was...

and here I am...

We had a big laugh over it...
and we really did have a good time!

Look!  Ash is even smiling!

Unfortunately, mulching wasn't the only chore on Lucinda's punch list.

WEEDING and more mulching....

Apparently, the TIKI BAR needed some attention.

Those are all weeds...

We got it done.

We had fun.


I am looking forward to the celebration!  

My mom is making the journey from Georgia...
Amanda is coming in from Florida...
 and Vee is making the trek in from Utah.

I can't wait!

Monday, August 19, 2013

MiG28s over the Indian Ocean?

Not quite.
But, who couldn't help think of the movie Top Gun this weekend in Chicago?
I made my way to North Avenue Beach to check out the 
55th annual Air and Water Show along Chicago's lakefront.
Although it did not disappoint...
it was missing some of that Top Gun trickery without the military headliners...
no Thunderbirds or Blue Angels this weekend.

The news reported that 1.7 million people showed up over the weekend along Chicago's lakefront.
I will say that at times...
it felt almost that crowded.

The weather was perfect.

I don't know how the pilots do it.  
Cutting the engines, free falling, turning, tumbling...
Seriously, I was praying for them.  

All eyes to the skies.

No shortage of stunts.

Bunch of badasses.

Looker lower right...

The only real disappointment for me was there was no Val Kilmer playing volleyball 
on the beach...I checked.  

Maybe next year?

Monday, August 12, 2013

She said farewell to her single days...

My Niece, Ashley, is getting married on September 7th.  

And, with any wedding...comes a bachelorette party! 

A night out in Chicago started with settling into the Four Seasons....what a view.  

L to R:
Vee, Lucinda and Mel

Ashley's awesome friend, Alex, planned the entire night!  
We started at Cafe Ba-ba Reeba in Lincoln Park. 
Spanish tapas!  

The Bridesmaids L to R:
Stacy, Amy, Alex and Cortney

Ash, Vee and Mel

We were all so glad Vee flew in from Utah to celebrate!

We jumped in the limo after dinner and drank champagne!

We were off to The Fairmont to see Jim Belushi!

We ended the night in a bar called,
Howl at the Moon

This guy has moves...
all night he danced around the place...

Ash and her sister Katie

We had a blast!

My dearest Ashley, wishing you the happiest days to come!

 I think it true to say when someone you care so much for finds true love, it brings you joy.
I can't wait to share in your special day and welcome Marc into the family...officially!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue skies...

It's a beautiful day in Chicago...

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

**Photo taken at North Ave. Beach today**

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy day in Chicago

While Vee was here last weekend, 
on Friday, 
we tried to pack in all of our favorite things.

Breakfast at Sparrow...grits included!

A run down near the lake with a few moments to enjoy the city view.


Vee had to do some work - Bella Fox helped.

Charlie Martin snoozed all day.

We ditzed in our favorite consignment store and took some photos
for my new blog:
Frayed Around the Edges

North Avenue Beach for some sunshine and relaxing.

Kewl feather in sand castle.

We ended our night with dinner and live music at City Winery.

We had a blast!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bikes, coffee and conversation!

Vee came into town this weekend for our Niece's bachelorette party.  
We got to spend the day before the shenanigans ditzin around Chicago.  
We packed in all kinds of stuff.  

I had heard of this coffee shop, Heritage Bicycles, not far from my apartment and I was dying to check it out.  It seemed like the perfect place to spend a couple hours catching up.

Their mission is to promote eco-friendly transportation and local manufacturing.  
A cool concept of a custom bike shop, coffee shop but essentially an artistic space one can come and hang out in and create.  

A great outdoor space to enjoy...too bad it was raining while we were here.

I wondered whose bike this was.  
So cute, right?
I can picture myself cruising down Clark on this!

A great shop with all kinds of goods!

Go this way...

One of their chalkboards!  :)

I loved this old typewriter...

Breakfast was so good!

Small touches

Catching up with my best friend...

It was a great way to spend the morning.  

I look forward to sharing the rest of the weekend!