Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Belles-Lettres Appreciation

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. - GK Chesterton

The perfect quote and so fitting for me to offer to my sister, Amanda, for an amazing, life expanding, wonderous journey to Europe.  I am forever grateful.

How do you thank someone for changing your life?  For changing your perspectives?  For opening up thought and wonder?  For expanding your experiences and opportunities? For a cultural 'la mouge bouche' of Europe, I may not of otherwise had? 

How do I thank you, sister, for simply giving me an adventure I will never forget? 

I can't wait to retell our journey...we pushed our limits exhausting cities sites and must sees in a matter of days.  Never settling on routines and often unpredictable adventures, we created memories I'll never forget. 

I recall from almost every still moment I had, I found myself chanting over and over in my head how thankful I was.  I just hope you knew?  If you are reading...I hope you do. I'll never forget...thank you, thank you. 

I love you.

I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks.  - Shakespeare.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a difference a table makes...

Can I get this done today?  Nope, I don't think so, maybe I'll do it tomorrow? 

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself?  Sometimes, I think, if I just had a few more hours in the day (omg, my mom used to say that), I'd get in a longer workout, I'd mop the floor, weed the garden, I'd have found a couch to sit on and a table to eat upon...and my biggest mental nag...I'd have a blog post for Off the Cuff. 

Sometimes, I find myself just standing still...watching the pace of the people outside my window...watching life go by and sadly, I have no desire to join them.  Like a lot of things lately, I put them aside.  What is going on????  Perhaps, it is that lingering vacation state of mind?  Never letting myself quite get back to reality after my trip.  But, I'm back. 

I also have tried to streamline my simple existance...I don't want to get involved in anything too complicated...stir up my calendar...just in case...I need to veg. That feels so sad and so unlike me.

I'll admit...I also thought to myself...when I get a table, I'll prepare better meals and I'll have a place to sit and'll fix all this.  I'll get a couch and my humble abode will take shape...create a happy home. 

Last night, I was able to check one thing off.  John, a new friend, built me a custom, hand-crafted, farmhouse-style table.  This feels big.  To me.  This seemingly simple path to happiness, however, has not been a straight line.  Clearly...or I would have done this a few months ago.  Once he brought it in, I pulled up the stainless steel chairs and we sketched out the bench he will build for the other side. 

I love it and it feels like it's coming together.  My first night with a table and you are now wondering if it changed my life?  Did it help me accomplish those things I said it would? 

I am relieved to say, I made a nice dinner for myself...and I jotted some notes for OTC.

I've always loved this quote by Andy Warhol...he said, they always say time changes things.  The truth is you have to change them yourself.

There you have it.  I sat around for three and a half months without furniture...who knows really why...I could rattle off a big ole list of excuses but the reality is...and it seems really just have to do it.  While I was at it, I found a's getting delivered on Saturday.  I have started the countdown...and all of a sudden I can't wait.

The ebb and flow of minute I can't muster it to even cross one thing off my list and the next thing you know, I'm all fired up - on a decorators frenzy - unable to stop until it's finished.  Whatever the motivation...I'll take it.  Can't wait to show you the couch! 

My new table and chairs.  Thank you John, I love it!

Inspired by the new place to sit...asparagus and was delicous.