Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Rules of engagement for summer.

Ah, summer, how I love thee.
I do believe summer was made for me.  I have found that I am a happier person when the sun is shining down on me.  I feel lighter, more  confident, I stand taller, I smile all day long, I laugh louder, I eat ice cream, I work out daily, I go out with my friends, I crave doing…
In fact, I use summer as the time when I know I can get everything accomplished that winter won’t allow.  That perpetual item that drags from one to do list to the other.  I also make a lot of time to do nothing.  Not like sit on the couch nothing, but lie in the grass, listen to the birds, watch the clouds float by and not consider it a waste of time.  When I’m practicing the art of doing nothing in summer, I think of things I want to do…become…things I want…you can see my ‘off the cuff’ list below…it’s in no particular order.
1.       Buy a new camera – this has been on my list for a long time… a nice one… not a little point and shoot.
2.       Attend live music!  I love music festivals and they may be one of my favorite things to do.  Last year, Vee and I went to Telluride Blues and Brew and discovered a new artist and had a blast. 
3.       I’ll continue to add, Food festivals, wine festivals and the like.  I’m in…who wants to join me?
4.       Donate all the summer clothes I do not wear.  I am on a kick to minimize my life.  This is a work in progress as I got rid of 9 bags when I moved into my new pad at the end of April.
5.       Create a summer music playlist and test it out which leads me to number 6…
6.       Road trip!  I love to roll down the windows, let the wind blow my hair and sing to the music as loud as I can.  Sorry if you happen to be sitting next to me…I sound nothing like Adele but I sure think I do!
7.       Boating/Sailing.  One of my all time favorite things to do next to attending festivals.  I need to do this as much as I can. Thankfully, I have friends and family that have boats. Being on the water makes me happy and I feel peaceful.  I’ve attached some pictures of my sailing excursion with The Doolan’s last summer on the Pacific…what a great time!
8.       Get a tan.  Gasp!  I know, I know.  I also use sun block liberally.  Please do the same.
9.       Read.  Please suggest your favorite book to add to my list.  I read any chance I can get.
10.   Sunglasses.  I need more.  I really don’t, but I love sunglasses.
11.   One word: KOOZIE…I posted a picture of my friend Amy’s koozie that I always use when I go to her lake house.  I added It to my must have list. Go dawgs!
12.   Hydrate frequently.  This is a must.
13.   Cover ups.  You can never have enough of these.  Beaded ones, embroidered ones…I prefer the ones that double as a dress…you can’t go wrong.
14.   Bikini…I mean TAKINI…I’ve turned 40…it’s over. 
15.   Eternal sunshine.  I can only hope. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cock your hat – angles and attitudes...well said, Frank Sinatra!

I love hats.  Hats are an art form.  A great accessory.  They make a statement.  A good conversation starter.   Straw hats, cowboys hats, baseball caps, fedoras, hats with feathers, visors, tall hats, squatty hats, boiler hats…there are all kinds of hats.  What’s your favorite? 
My current all time favorite hat is the fedora I am wearing in the picture attached below (photo courtesy of Heidi Gress).  It looks similar to the one my dad is wearing in the picture I posted of him yesterday.  He gave it to me last April.  He always wore fedoras and had a great sense of style.  I liked that about him.  Here is a tip for your back pocket via my dad.  Body heat is lost through the head, in inclement conditions it is important to cover your noggen…go grab a hat. My dad always kept the house at a below freezing temperature growing up.  If you would have stopped by, we were all wearing hats and scarves and gloves and Vee and I were most likely huddled up in front of one of the heaters.
Follow the link to the black straw hat; it is on my most wanted list.  Cute for the beach or the lake and affordable.  I got the straw fedora at Walmart for $10.  I couldn’t resist, in fact, I got one for Vee too.  Who knows if she’ll wear it but she should.  She looks great in hats. 
"And all your future lies beneath your hat." John Oldham. With that, go toss on your favorite hat and have a great day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

My dad is on the right
Welcome to OFF THE CUFF!
I’ve decided to become a blogger.  Why join the club?  I’ve thought about it for awhile now and have been surprisingly encouraged by my family and a few friends that promised they would follow me if I was sort of interesting.  But, the real conversation came from my father who passed away at the end of October.  I was blessed with spending the last 30 days of his life with him.  Growing up, he preached that knowledge is power…the one thing no one can take away from you is your education…learn all you can…and on and on.  One of our last conversations was that he told me how much he loved all the letters I used to send him (I came to find out he saved every single one) wow,!  It touched me to the core.  He asked me to promise him to keep learning.  Keep discovering.  Keep giving.  Find what you love and do it.  Be happy.  I love reading, photography, travel, fashion, art, music, food, being with friends, sharing, giving, etc.  So, the World has turned and lead me here.