Friday, May 9, 2014

Two Brilliant Blue Eggs

I am tardy in posting…and I feel badly because how AMAZING is this egg?
Two days ago she laid her first beautiful blue egg.

I'll be honest, before this nature adventure, I knew nothing about robin's…
or much about any bird for that matter.

When I saw only one egg…I thought to myself something was wrong.
Just one? 
All that work?  

But, I did some research…
and a robin lays one egg per day…
up to four eggs.

Allow me to introduce to you our super girl, Eleanor…
Ellie for short.
She needed a strong name…from a strong woman…
Eleanor Roosevelt - deemed, First Lady of the World.

I probably sound a little crazy….
but I give her little shout outs of encouragement and 
tell her how proud I am of her…
 and to stay strong.

I did make this little safety sign for her…
but we had a lot of rain today and it got ruined.

The more I thought about it though…
I wondered if it would draw unnecessary attention?
 I may take it down.

Today, I snuck over around 8:00am and there were TWO!
I was so excited.

I mean, nature is so AMAZING and FASCINATING and just plain COOL!

I have learned so much.  
The brighter the egg color the healthier the female is and it has
proven that the male is more diligent with them in helping after they hatch.

I have yet to see her man.

She was in the cradle today for the better part of the afternoon.
What a good momma!

I can peek at her from a window in the store.  

Tonight, she will go feed and return, to hopefully lay a third.

Do you love this as much as I do?

I'm rooting for her…
for these babies…
for all of us to continue watching this miracle of life.

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