Monday, May 5, 2014

Intrigued by nature

I saw the most amazing thing.  
I went to work on Sunday and Jordan and Stacia took me outside to see what was happening.  
I had never seen anything like it before…ever.  

Have you ever seen anything so amazing?

Eight (8) nests leading up the stairs.

I was in awe.

This Robin has outdone herself.

I went back this morning and watched her.

I thought to myself…
What a dreamer!
Not just one nest…she has made eight!  
In fact, I noticed some other twigs and grasses left on yet another step below…
she has big plans.

I'll be honest…I watched her fly in with a mouthful of mud and twigs and I felt a little emotional.

She noticed me and flew up to the landing and waited.

I was so inspired.

Clearly, a hard worker…making this incredible combine for…I'm not sure who exactly.  
I really have only ever seen one nest at a time before.

Follow this link to see a video I took.

Truly, nature at its finest.

I was completely fascinated, so I did some research.

Apparently, building multiple nests is rare. 

Support from underneath is the primary site selection factor for the female robin.
In fact, it is more important to her than the concealment of the nest.

The female can get 'seduced' into building multiple nests.
This is an example of 'supernormal stimuli'. 
I would say so…she is my superwoman!

They can't resist if seduced. 
The robin will only settle in one nest after laying her eggs.

I'm going to keep an eye on her.
I also learned…a nest is a baby cradle. 
An incubator, if you will.
She will not stay but perch near and watch her babies.

From all of the reading…I will be honest...I am not that hopeful for her.
To keep the nest undisturbed and risk her abandonment may be slim.

I will tell you though, this has brought me so much joy all day today.

I found myself so inspired by her tenacity, determination, work ethic
and well…
before I knew it was her supernormal stimuli…
her big dream.

I was fascinated.

You never know where you will find it.
Thank you Jordan and Stacia for showing it to me.

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