Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Do you do this?  

Just ask yourself questions over and over.  

 I have asked myself this too many times…WHY have I abandoned OTC?  

I found myself here the other day…just reading through the posts.  
It will probably sound weird…but I missed it.  
Not what I had to say, but just writing things down.  
Taking pictures and documenting my little life here.  
It was something I had always enjoyed doing, but no longer made time for.

I just kept thinking about writing something.  
And never did.  

I finally said to myself...just go do it.  
Sit down…
don't think too much and just write stuff…
literally, write 'off the cuff'...so here I am.

It feels like the right time to start something again.  

Don't you love the magic of beginnings?   

To fill you in, I've moved. 
 I left the city and moved to the country.  
No joke. 
 I packed up my place in Chicago and made my way to Sawyer, MI.  

It's quiet here.  
But, I will tell you, I have always loved both extremes.  
That dichotomy of city life…and now country living.  

Very different, indeed. 

It happened pretty quickly…but then, it really didn't.  
I feel like I had been laying the foundation for several months.  
I had been thinking about making a move and then it fell into place.  

A job turned into a bigger opportunity…I found a new place to call home…
I'm closer to old friends and family…creating new routines and 
I'm looking forward to making new friends and…
 it seems like I am figuring out the answers to why.  

You just have to be willing to react to the questions. 

So, with a splash of wine in my hand…
my little universe seems temporarily balanced.

Welcome to my new LIFE…
this city girl has gone country...

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