Monday, August 19, 2013

MiG28s over the Indian Ocean?

Not quite.
But, who couldn't help think of the movie Top Gun this weekend in Chicago?
I made my way to North Avenue Beach to check out the 
55th annual Air and Water Show along Chicago's lakefront.
Although it did not disappoint...
it was missing some of that Top Gun trickery without the military headliners...
no Thunderbirds or Blue Angels this weekend.

The news reported that 1.7 million people showed up over the weekend along Chicago's lakefront.
I will say that at times...
it felt almost that crowded.

The weather was perfect.

I don't know how the pilots do it.  
Cutting the engines, free falling, turning, tumbling...
Seriously, I was praying for them.  

All eyes to the skies.

No shortage of stunts.

Bunch of badasses.

Looker lower right...

The only real disappointment for me was there was no Val Kilmer playing volleyball 
on the beach...I checked.  

Maybe next year?

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