Monday, June 3, 2013

Back to reality.

Every year on my birthday there is only ONE thing that is an absolute must.

I HAVE to be with VEE!

I don't care what we do...where we are...we just have to be together.

As you know, this year, we celebrated in Florida.

The weather didn't cooperate.

But, we made the very best of it.

When the sun did come out...we walked on the beach...

Dipped our feet in the ocean...

Praised the sun for shining down on us...

And...I took a ton of you all knew I would.

Almost every night we sat on Amanda's deck and took in this beautiful view.

I'll be sharing our week over the next few days!  

There was a gift waiting for me when I got home.

An invitation to AARP!

It stated, that their records showed I hadn't yet registered for the valuable benefits and 
I am fully eligible.

I am? 

I mean, great. 

Suddenly, 42 feels old. 

Please...just let me wallow in it.

It's only $16...I get an insulated travel bag and they promised to help fight against 
age discrimination.

Sounds like a good deal.

Here's to 42!

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