Thursday, May 16, 2013

You only live once.

Au Cheval, an eatery in Chicago's West Loop. 

In culinary terms, Au Cheval means "egg on top"
You could add an egg to almost everything on the menu for one dollar.
Do it.  
I wish I had added it to my burger...but I didn' I have to go back.


I would describe this place as an American diner with a European flare.
An upscale diner.
A hip diner.
It was quaint...dimly lit...with a wood wrapped reel to reel 
playing soul, rock and indie music.
I totally loved it.
Bon Appetit named Au Cheval the best new burger in America.
I'll vouch for it...I ate one mighty fine burger...but damn if I didn't Au Cheval it.

The craft beer list was extensive...don't judge me...but I ordered a Budweiser.
I start to fret with all the choices...I don't know what to order but I know how to order a Bud.
Next time...I'll try something crafty.

We were seated at a table and promptly greeted. 
I had been here one other time.
Late at night.
We had been celebrating Stacia's birthday but we had eaten at Maude's down the street.
I remember thinking it had an old fashioned feel.
Like an old diner turned trendy and hip. 

 Ashley and I were having such a good time!

We split the fries topped with an egg and it included multiple dipping sauces...
right up my alley.

The single cheeseburger is somewhat a misnomer...
there were two patties on it...
I didn't mind...
but I do regret not adding the egg...and
I mean what happened to chow down now and feel guilty later?

We ended up moving to the bar after dinner.
I actually prefer to sit at the bar in a restaurant.
This is where all the action happens.

And where we discovered that not adding the bacon was
a HUGE mistake.
It was looked amazing.
Oh the regret.
I must go back.

After dinner we had tickets to see RAC at The Mid.

We were early.  
Who knew the venue didn't even open until ten. 
This got me wondering what time the band played.

While we waited and wondered about the show...
we stood outside and took pictures with our cool feather headbands on.

Here is where I humbly admit what happened.

We made our way inside.  
Ash needed to use the ladies so I decided to go to the bar and get us a couple of drinks.
While I was there...I casually asked what time RAC was due to come on.
The bartender replied that RAC plays from 2:00 - 3:30.


Did I hear you correctly?
They don't even start until 2:00am?

OH my.

I found Ash...told her the news...
and this is what she said.

Come on Mel...
You can do it.

Where was this advice when I was debating on adding egg and bacon to my burger?

I'll admit...I sorta died inside.
I don't do a start time of 2:00am for anything these days.
I mean, in all reality, I've hopefully had about four hours of sleep by that time.

Regardless, how could I say I wouldn't try.

So, we sipped our drinks...secured a seat and waited.

Then some sort of miracle happened.

Forty-five minutes later Ash said, you wanna go? 

That was all I needed.

We grabbed a cab and ventured home.

We brunched the following day...
shopped Michigan Avenue and had a wonderful time together.

Thanks for sharing some time with me Ash.  

I loved every minute of it!

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