Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Farm to table...go to The Bristol

It felt like the perfect Chicago evening...

Stacia and I met at The Bristol in Bucktown.

What a chic place.  

I loved the ambiance...rustic with a trendy vibe.

Although the tables were nestled literally next to one another...
it still felt private and cozy.

This place ROCKED.

Let me tell you why.

 I love that they support our Midwest farmers!

We started with a mixed green salad coated in a tarragon-buttermilk dressing.
I can't believe I am going to rave about a mixed green salad but...
it was fantastic!
There weren't even any veggies in it...lettuce...some onions that I picked around, and that dressing...

Burnt broccoli...literally, that is how the waiter described it.
It was topped with parmesan and draped with bbq carnitas or something...need I say more? is where I died and went to heaven.
THE most amazing steak tartare. 

This was no joke.
I may have stopped consume more than my fair share of this...
and, I was tempted to order seconds.  
Stacia and I are known to do this...when some dish knocks our socks off...we order another one...fried black-eyed peas and burnt brussell sprouts come to mind!

In my case, a gourmet mac and cheese and short ribs on any menu will stop me in my tracks. I promptly order them without even glancing at the rest of the menu.
So, when Stacia said the short ribs were amazing, I was like, order it!

On the approach, the waiter, asked where he should place the pasta...
I thought to myself..pasta?  
Who ordered this...we didn't order this...
In that my mind...
I was sorting out how he got pasta from can we doubled the short rib order....
yes, this is how we roll. 
We do not mess around.

I guess I hadn't read further than short ribs...because they were stuffed inside these pasta shells... swimming in some sort of amazing sauce and topped with fresh parmesan. 

Seriously,  who wants to meet me at The Bristol tomorrow?   

Moscow mules and some crisp beers to wash it all down.

Sinfully delightful.

I could go on and on raving about the food experience...but, I think you get the picture.

I loved it and I highly recommend running to this restaurant.  

From start to exceeded my expectations.  

My only regret is not ordering the monkey time!

All of that aside...
the evening was enhanced by the company of my dear friend.

Thank you, Stacia for the awesome conversation....for sharing your dreams and your visions.

You are constantly inspiring me and today, I found myself dreaming...
which made me feel my spirit awaken.

Thank you for that and for being such a good friend.



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