Friday, December 28, 2012

New traditions.

I love traditions.  

We have many.  

One of them is that every Christmas we make cookies.  

Typically, we make buckeyes with Katie.  

This year we decided to do something different and make sugar cookies from scratch!

Lots of sugar!

This little wisk just looks cute...but doesn't really get the job done.

Butter, eggs and can you go wrong?

This hand mixer had flour all over the kitchen ;(

Best way to get the job done is to dive right in...

I'll be honest...I tried to roll the dough and could not do it??!!  
It was all lumpy and wouldn't smooth out...I was losing patience.  
I just wanted a cookie...with extra icing!!
Vee took over and let me know they needed to be of a certain thickness in order for them to be perfect. 

And perfect they were.

Star bright...

First star I see tonight...

I wish I may...
I wish I might...
Have the wish I wish tonight...

I hope you got everything you wished for this Christmas...


  1. Vee took over!?!?! The supervisor???? Wow!!! Heeheehee!! Looks fabulous!!! Love you!!!

  2. Thank you for not including the pic of me making buckeyes alone!!! Hahaha! Missed you more than you know!!