Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Behind every psycho is a great woman!

Hitchchock...go see it! 

 A love story between the influential filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) during the filming of Psycho back in 1959.  

I loved it and I don't do scary.  In fact, it wasn't scary at all, which when we decided to see it, I was positive it was going to be.  It's Hitchcock after all!

I loved the movie theater.  It was quaint, out-dated and offered one of these 'comment' boards for all of the movies playing.  Interestingly enough, it is on your way out of the theater -- perhaps so you don't skip seeing the movie you went in to see if it was peppered with the worst reviews.

You knew we would leave comments, didn't you?

Mine on top in pink: A man is nothing without a woman! Hitchcock = excellent!

Vee in the middle in pink: With all my applause!

Amanda on the bottom in yellow: Master cast for the Master of Suspense - excellent!

Anna Karenina  
Based on the chat appears we should skip it.

HA! I may agree and I haven't even see it...period pieces aren't my cup of tea.

Afterwards we went to Canyon, one of Amanda's favorite restaurants.  
I loved the cozy atmosphere and the food was amazing.

Amanda suggested this tomato salad and at first I was like eh, tomato salad?
But once I tried it...DELICOUS!! 
It had just the right amount of dressing and they brought this toasted parmesan crispy bread with it. 

This was a fried pork something another.  
It was a featured special and although it looks like art...I'd skip it next time.  
We split it and well...the person who got the middle part (Vee) loved it the best and insisted it was amazing...I'm not sure we ate the same thing. 
 You win some, you lose some.

Something happens when I see a fancy mac n' cheese on the menu.  
It becomes all I notice.  Seriously, I had to try it.  
How can you go wrong, right?  

What a wonderful day it was!  

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