Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old friends are the best!

L to R: Katie, Mel, Shelley, Laura

Butler grads...1993 to be exact...friends since 1989...the math puts us in each others lives for 23 years!  
 How lucky am I?  
The weekend randomly came together.  No husbands..no kids...just four women...some time together...and lots of catching up.  
What a blast!

Katie brought everyone these Butler Tervas party favors!

Michigan Ave. for shopping and lunch at Banderas - YUM!

Dinner at Michael Jordans and dessert at The Purple Pig.  This is my fourth attempt to eat dinner here...finally!!  FINALLY!  I have an in!  Friended a waitress...got her email address and the secret code!  I will eat here soon! 

What a great weekend of endless chatter...movies...walks to the lake...coffee and just being together.  I loved every minute of it!  

Thank you to my dear friends for making the effort to come together...take a leave from your families...sleep on air mattresses and make it feel like not a single day had passed in 23 years!  

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