Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Human Emoji.

I'm a texter.  I rarely listen to voice mail.  In fact, I currently have 23 unheard messages.  Do not bother. 
Eventually, I just delete them.  I do.


Better yet, EMOJI ME! 

For those of you who have an iPhone and have not downloaded the EMOJI app...you should do this as soon as possible!

Emoji is the Japanese term for emoticons. They are used in electronic messages and webpages. They are so KEWL and so much fun!

For the record, this is how I communicate with my friends, via text message.  I simply send an emoji and they send one back.  An Emoji says it all. 

Photo credit - Cindy Burns

This picture makes me laugh out loud!  Seriously, it's so funny to me!  Katie's eyes!  How are they all cattywhompus like that?  
 When Cindy showed it to me...she was like, "It's human Emoji!!" 
 Oh.em.gee; it is and I love it.

I spoke to Katie about this photo and she seems to think this kind of facial awesomeness only happens after a night of libations.  This is also reflected in the picture...please note the hangover remedies: water, Diet Pepsi, Bloody Mary and iPhone.

I've heard the debate from the older generation on moving toward texting versus fielding a call With casual conversation, It's basically the way communication is going..like it or not.  

 I do appreciate them staying strong when grammar was replaced with, wut r u up 2. 

 It's odd.  It's weird. But, it's fast.  It's decipherable.  It's...progressive. 

I do make a promise...Emoji...will change your world.
I guarantee you will find yourself smiling...laughing...possibly, thinking about it later.  

Your world + Emoji = brighter, happier, funnier place. 

If you have any Emoji-related questions...I'm ready to field them. 
Otherwise, text away, Emoji-style and if you are able to...join Katie; human-style.

Please no texting and driving! 

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