Monday, September 3, 2012

If it could only be like this always...always summertime...

Do you find that you cry at sad endings...a light trickle or a down right sob? 

Why?  Why do you have to leave us summer...especially, when it really doesn't feel over.

The temperatures are still in the 80's and the weekends will still include friends, cookouts, concerts and the like...but, there is no such thing as an endless least not when you live in Chicago.

Kids are back to school and the lazy dawg-dayz of summer are did you spend your last weekend?  

I found my way to one of my favorite places on earth...with some of my favorite people...

Peace from Corey Lake!

This is one of my favorite picture from the whole weekend!  I wish I could show you how many shots this actually took to get it right!  
L to R - Josie, Katie, Evie :)

One bottle of Fish Eye emptied!
Cheers to you Vee!
It didn't go down as smoothly as you insisted it would...but it went party followed!

Forget all rules!  

Josie girl...easing into Sunday morning...

A Michigan farmhouse.

The road less traveled.



Until next summer Corey Lake...

*I sob*

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