Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend in review

I couldn't have had a better weekend.  Dinner at Chicago hot spot, Epic.  KEWL atmosphere with a roof top terrace and killer city views. 
Best friends.  Aim, I'm still laughing...had so much fun!
With Vee arriving on Friday, I was on a mad dash to finish up some things on my furniture project.  Here is the new rug - looks wavy from being rolled up...hope that works itself out before Friday.  I got a new lamp shade as well.  Art on the walls Thursday!  Something about getting stuff hung on the walls that really makes it feel like home.
New rug for the hallway.
Kewl basket in entry for shoes in constant rotation.

The weather on Sunday afternoon begged for a stroll through the Nature's Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo.  I loved all these ducks takin it ease on the log...

Ended the night with drinks at a cool cafe on the water. 
What a great way to kick start the week.

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