Thursday, July 26, 2012

Urbs in horto movement

Chicago Avenue has been the site of this urban farm since 2010.  This Cabrini-green neighborhood garden empowers youth and community residents to have increased economic opportunities through access to organic produce. 

Chicago Lights Urban Farm not only provides organic produce...this sancutary offers educational programs for youth to learn about urban agriculture, nutritional education as well as work force training. 

Planting high quality, organic, safe, healthy and affordable food.

I love this collage.

I thought it looked so clean and organized...very impressive.

G R O W and buy's the way people! 

Urbs in horto means city in a garden. 

This urban farm community even thrives in the winter months offering cooking classes and other programming. 


It seems to me, that not only flowers bloom here, but also lives..fulfilling programs that enrich people with a purpose and teaching how to always give back...

This place made me smile. 

I was intrigued by what all this urban oasis had to offer.  While I was digging into their website for information, I noticed they had volunteer opportunities.  I will admit, I have a black thumb and while I may not be able to plant, fertilize or grow vegetables...they did solicit help for some of their signature events...and that is right up my alley.  


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