Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The world has turned and lead me here...

IF I ever got a tatoo...I thought I'd have this saying wrapped around my wrist in a courier font.  I never did it.  A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through the CB2 catalog and saw an art piece that I liked.  I showed it to John and said, you can do something like this, right?  We'll tweek it a bit...make it bigger...use reclaimed wood, make the edges uneven...and use this saying, the world has turned and lead me here.

   I can't believe how amazing it turned out.  SO KEWL!!  I love it.  
I feel like I have to share in the fun we had texting eachother different quotes we thought would be hilarious to use.







ANYWAY, we thought we were hilarious...oh the fun!  I'm reliving the night...laughing out loud right here...right now. 

You want to try it...don't you?!  You can leave me a comment with the one you come up with!  I would love that!

Moving on.

WOW -- right?  That is exactly what I said when John put this together and helped me get everything in place.  I can't believe it's mine...and that light he added...it's perfect!

I bought these two posters on our Europe trip in this amazing town, Cesky Krumlove located in the Czech Republic.  They were odd sizes and I searched high and low looking for frames. With no luck, I decided to have John make them.  You can't see the back but it's all fancy...so professional...just like all of his work.  

I can't say enough about John and all of the amazing furniture pieces he has made me.  He exceeded my expectations.  He is so professional, timely, does amazing craftsmanship and to boot...I have a wonderful new friend. Which, means more to me than any of the awesome new furniture I have for my apartment.   

Although my place is a small John Madaras showroom he has moved on to bigger and better adventures.  You can find his pieces at Sojourn in Sawyer, MI!  You know the place!  


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