Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something unexpected...

I like suprises.  I like the wonder of, 'what could this be?'  I like the way sometimes, something unexpected can change everything about your day.

I just landed at home and I opened my mailbox. Letters, magazines and a small box fell out.  Oh my!  What's this? (There's that wonder) A package from my dear friend, Shelley...all the way from Seattle. 

KEWL.  I ran up three flights and tore it open.  The box was small...and what I saw inside was silk and made of beautiful watercolors that reminded me of the ocean.  Immediately, it seemed just like her...Shel and I lived together in Laguna Beach...literally, next to the ocean. 

Writing about a friend seems like one of the hardest things to explain sometimes.  But, for me, I've come to find, it's important to stay connected...even if it's just every once in awhile.  Be in touch.  Don't ever be too busy and when you do connect...tolerate not knowing all the details you once knew...because life is different.  The beauty about our friendship is just that..miles truly have seperated us and we've traveled different paths, however, if I've ever needed something, she has been there...and fast.  I love that about her. 

The awkward bathroom photo....
I slipped it on and fell in love with it.  The colors, the fit, the draping material and the way it hung. 

The janky full-length shot...

Thank you, my friend!!  What a wonderful suprise!  

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