Thursday, July 12, 2012

Made by hand...

A few more pieces of furniture have arrived!  John delivered the cart and the bench tonight.  It's so exciting!!! To me, anyway.  I love it all and it feels like piece by piece, it's coming together.

An industrial looking cart with pipes and castors to hold...hmmm...I'm not sure yet. A trip to Sojourn is in my very near future! Maybe Amy and Katie will meet me there?

Bolt detail.

Wood detail.

And...wallah!!!  The whole shebang! Do you love it as much as I do?  I had him make it narrow so it wouldn't overwhelm the entry and I wanted it on castors so I could roll it over to the kitchen when I needed a bit more counter space.  I know what you are thinking...where's the chotchky stuff that goes on thing at a time.  Once I get to Sojourn and do some antiquing I am sure I'll find some KEWL stuff to put on the shelves. 

John finished the bench as well.  I like this for a couple of reasons...primarily, for all of the ways I could use it.  Here at my table, end of my bed, a coffee table, etc.  The stains aren't a match but it makes me like it even more.  It's custom.  It's hand crafted.  And now, I get to say my friend made it. 

John stayed for a glass of wine and we chatted about some new things I wanted him to make.  I showed him a narrow coffee table I liked but I want the top out of rafia...I'll have to show you a picture.  A reclaimed wood headboard.  Some picture frames.  A piece of art out I saw, I thought we could re-create.  A bike mount for my wall I saw in CB2 I know he could do.  The list apparently goes on and on. 

Me thinks...I have some awesome new furniture...but I've made an even better new friend. 

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  1. These are fantastic!!! Perfect for your space!!! Need johns number!!!