Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Independence and celebration...BOOM

4th of July, or Independence of my favorite holidays.  There are so many symbolic events that mark the freedom of our country.  What do you do to celebrate?  BBQ?  Picnic?  Parades?  Family reunion?  Fireworks!!!

I found my way to one of my small paradises here on earth.  Corey Lake.  It's really my dear friend Katie's place or rather, The Minzey Compound and I have been lucky enough to basically grown up loving a summer life here! 

I brought these heavenly carmel/cinnamon/powdered-sugary donuts to share for breakfast.  Katie and I would act like we were sharing one...but found ourselves sharing two...and then later...well, you know how the story goes.  Worth.every.single.bite.

Without going into a lot of detail about the holiday itself, we all know we declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  However, it wasn't declared a legal holiday until 1941!  Did you know Marco Polo discovered fireworks on his travels?  I thought that was a fun fact because almost all of the 21 kids at the lake this weekend played this water game.  On that note...let the pomp and circumstance begin!

We were actually IN a parade.  Nothing big time...but a quaint, neighborhood parade with cookies, kids, balloons and a firetruck! 

The FIRE TRUCK!!!  Kids LOVE this kind of stuff! 

My friend Josie,  I absolutely adore her.   

Ah...Corey Lake...paradise!  We ended the evening all gathered at the water's edge waiting for the illuminations to light up the night sky.  My favorite part, watching everyone reacting, gasping, pointing, declaring their favorites of the show.  But, this year, my favorite part was sitting with Katie, Ali O, Melinda and the Connie's...sipping some wine and talking until the wee hours...those are the times I cherish.  Just listening to the stories and life happenings...laughing and enjoying eachother. 

We all share a common goal and belief that all people are created equal and that this country is founded on the belief of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...for all. 

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