Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exploring Michigan

If I've mentioned it once, I've mentioned it a million times...go see my friend Stacia's fabulous junk shop, Sojourn, in Sawyer, MI. 


I took my own advice and brought my friend John (who made all my amazing new furniture) along to see her place and hang in Michigan for the day.  We had a blast.

Here are a few things I found in her shop that I loved.

Unique lamp with burlap shade

How KEWL is this orange dresser?  I was even thinking it would be fun to put in my living room and set my telly on...

A girl can never have too much jewelry...especially dainty necklaces...

Amy and Katie...thought of you both when I saw this artist's interpretation of lakes.  How kewl for your lake cottages?  She offers them framed and unframed! 

Next stop, Marco Polo.
 I may have to go get these two things...

I want to put this over-sized metal star on my brick wall...I just love it.

John said he could make some wood slabs to create cart perhaps?  Now, where to put it?

One place I really like to go while in Sawyer is this Antique Mall.  It's a total bin-diggers paradise.

We popped into The Whiskey Stop deli to grab sandwiches and take them to the beach.



I've got my toes in the ass in the favorite pair of sandals on dry land...

We headed back to the city and decided to hit up an antique shop in the Ravenswood District.  Do you remember the coffee table I mentioned I wanted John to make?  Here is the pattern weave I was talking about.  This is a primitive bed and the weave is made from actual cow was really cool and would only set you back $1800.

What a great day shared with my friend John.  Now for a glass of wine and a movie on my fabulous...still fairly new to me, couch!  Cheers!

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