Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This space was begging to be filled with something...and I had finally found what I was looking for. 

Saturday morning I drove 35 minutes North of Chicago to meet the movers and pick up my new couch. I had only seen pictures, Melissa (gal from Craigslist) had sent me.  But, I knew the couch.  I had gone to Restoration Hardware and scoped it out.  It wasn't the actual fabric I wanted but it was close enough. 

I got there fifteen minutes early to close the deal.  Melissa was great.  One of those people you immediately feel like you would be friends with.  We started chatting while we waited...and waited...and waited.  I called to find out where the movers were.  They were closing in on 30 minutes past their time of arrival.  Their truck broke down and they were renting something and would be there in about 20 minutes. As disappointed as I was, I really enjoyed talking to Melissa and her husband. 

We finally load the couch and as I am saying goodbye, Melissa says, I hope it isn't weird but can I call you to hang out sometime when we are in the city?  I was so excited.  OF COURSE!  I was thinking the same thing.  A new couch and a new friend!  What a great day even if they were late. 

We made it back to the city and they got the couch to the third floor.  After a few minutes, they asked if there was another entrance.  What?  What is the problem? It wasn't fitting.  I said, let's take off the wooden feet. Still no go.  I start to panic.  I can't believe it.  Three months later and I still may be waiting.  I text Stacia.  CODE RED -- do you have any space in your storage unit -- couch isn't fitting!!!  While I am staring at my phone, my new neighbor comes bounding up the stairs.  He starts troubleshooting.  Next thing I know, they are taking apart the wall. I can't watch. They are taking the bricks out of the wall...literally. 

Two hours later...two over-achiever movers, a really nice neighbor and a couch later...it's in! 

For whatever it's worth, every night I sit down and relax on my new couch, I am so thankful it made it in.  Now when I move out...and you know I will...I'll be asking the new tennants to do us both a favor and let me leave it here. 

There it is...in all it's glory.  Although, I still need to hang pictures, get rugs, lighting...pillows, etc.  It's slowly coming together and finally feeling a bit like home.  I love it!

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