Monday, May 7, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

With peanuts and popcorn and craaaacker jacks...I don't care if I never get back....root root root for the home team...ladedah...

My friend Jill and her family were in town and lucky for me, they included me in their day at the ball park.  We had so much fun in spite of the rain. 

We grabbed lunch and bought some new Cub gear (check out my new visor) and then made our way into the park. 
With all the rain our seats were dripping wet.  I may have gasped when Jill casually used her LuluLemon sweatshirt to start wiping down the seats.  Next thing I know, I say to the man in front of us, "hey, can I borrow your shamWOW?"  Jill looks at me, "Really Mel, did you ever think you would say,...Can I borrow your shamWOW?"

Ha!  We thought it was so funny...and I still do.  But to answer her, no, I never thought I would say that...but I may invest in a ShamWOW -- loved it!

I won't claim to know anything about baseball...but it seems like a simple game.  Just get home, right?

One of my favorite memories growing up, Vee and I would ride our bikes every weekend to the ball park and sit in the bleachers and watch baseball.  I'm not sure if it was the bike ride, the boys or the frozen icees we always ate but it sure was fun.

Did you know a regulation baseball has 108 stitches and can only be used once in an MLB game?  Kewl factoids.

L to R - Mel, Ivy, Jill and Annette

What a great way to end my weekend...with great friends, lots of laughs and a little baseball! 


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