Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear Melissa,

I collected my mail this afternoon and found an unexpected, hand-written letter from my mother.  I talked to her this morning and she didn't mention it.  What a suprise...and how exciting, I thought to myself.  I wonder what she has to say? 

I mean...when was the last time you received a long, hand-written letter...sadly, it seems like a bit of a lost art. 

I looked at the envelope...her handwriting has always impressed me.  Perfect cursive.  She once showed me how they practiced this in school when she was growing up.  She takes her time...where my sloppy letters clump together and are barely legible.  Sigh. 

I loved the 'miss you' sticker in the bottom left corner and how did she get them to stamp the heart with MOM spelled within a banner flying through the stamp...kewl...I guess it is almost Mother's Day...but I'd like to think they knew it was from me...

As I read her letter, I began to cry.  It was so touching and so heartfelt.  She was writing me about a conversation we had last week.  I shared with her some things I was up against and I was feeling a little down and out. 

She wrote, "Do you remember when you and Vanessa won the 'mental attitude award' your senior year on the swim team?  I was so proud!"

She underlined it and put an exclamation point after it...and that's when I started to cry.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit emotional.  But, I guess...the unexpected nature of it all...those four words written down..."I was so proud"...kind of tugged at me and although the thought crosses your mind...well, you're my're supposed to be proud of me, right?  But, it was like twenty years ago...and most likely back then, I didn't accept the award mom must be so proud of me for my attitude.  I may have thought...darn it, I didn't win most valuable player...and yet...isn't it ironic that as we go through life...we strive for the top...and in the end...if you have a great attitude about it really are the most valuable player, afterall?

Perhaps, one of the greatest discoveries in life, is that we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes.  Thank you momma for the unexpected touch of love today.  Thank you for being proud of me.  Finally, thank you, because at the end of your letter, you also said, I make a difference to you. 

I'm planning to save this pull out from time and again...what an unexpected treasure.

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