Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Makin Whoopie...pies!

Love, is one of the most fundamental of all human emotions. 

Valentine's Day is full of hope...full of love...maybe flowers...cards...gifts...candy...or if you are really lucky...home-made, red devil-caked whoopie pie's. 

Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, "Whoso loves, believes the impossible."

I, a hopeless romantic, and one who believes the impossible...decided to make with my own hands...red devil-caked whoopie pie's.  Here is what happened...

The ingredients...

The mix...or should I say the mix-up.  Grrrr....Somehow I put the softened cream cheese and the butter in the wrong bowl. 

So, I scooped it out and felt a little discouraged that my frosting might end up being a weird color...

Batter-up!  This cute whoopie pie sheet is like a muffin-top pan but in miniature.  YUM!!

While the pies were cooking I went ahead and mixed up the icing.  PINK!! Phew!
Time to cool.

Hmmm...it didn't specify if I was supposed to cut the pie in half and add frosting or just take two and make a sandwich.  I decided to try it both ways.  First of all, I think the sandwich on the left screams, WOW, what a KEWL treat...while, the one on the right pales in comparison as some sad little whoopie pie.  Then, I decided to eat them both...you know, see if they tasted any different!

Yuuuuummmmmmm!! Not only did the big one taste better...I started to imagine myself slicing all those little cakes...frosting them...and wondering who would eat them all?

Suprise!  How fun are these red-deviled whoopie pie treats filled with pink icing??!!!  Although, I had a small sna-fu, I didn't burn them and we all know that is a big accomplishment for me!

I hope that all of you found the beauty in today and shared your love with others.

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  1. I'm sure the girls and i would love to share them with you!! xoxoxo