Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chi-town is now My-town!

Life is funny isn't it...and while it's funny, mostly in's your perspective on it all that makes it manageable. 

I've never been one to 'settle in' anywhere and have no idea, yet, what that must feel like. 

Perhaps, my time is coming...

As you know, I was laid off at the beginning of the year and while it was was also exciting.  I love change...I love new places...meeting new people and discovering cities. 

What's next? 


I did it!  I received a job offer from CH Robinson Worldwide/TMC and found an amazing loft in Old Town to call home.  It all fell right into place and I couldn't be more excited about my new adventure.

I've begun the packing, storing, eliminating crap (that is just what it is, right?) and getting everything put into place to end one journey and begin a new one. 

Life is so's so fun...challenging...and, ever changing.

Watch out C H E C A G O U -- there is a new girl comin' to town!


  1. HAPPINESS!!! (but sad for me.... xoxo) LUB!

  2. LUB CHU - always and always -- sad to leave you too but I know we will have a lot of fun adventures in Chicago, at the lake and everywhere else we decide to go!! XOXO

  3. Congrats on the new job and the new town! What an exciting adventure you're on the precipice of!