Tuesday, February 21, 2012


today i...
  • was suprised when i woke up and saw the snow
  • decided it was the perfect day to spend it inside packing
  • smiled to myself knowing i am headed to Florida tomorrow to soak up the sun
  • charged all the batteries for my iPod, Nook and camera
  • i can't stop thinking about Vee and how much i can't wait to see her
  • am looking forward to catching up with Amanda and hangin out with her while she makes delicous food
  • met Lucinda for coffee
  • went to the gym
  • filled up the gas for my drive to Chicago tomorrow
  • got a mani/pedi
  • packed for florida
  • did laundry
  • packed up the kitchen
  • packed up the second bathroom
  • felt like it was impossible that i could have this much stuff
  • keep thinking about how i wish i had time for a garage sale
  • secured the storage unit
  • found out they are showing my apartment at 5:30 
  • discovered Charlie Martin's bottle caps she plays with in all kinds of nooks and crannys
  • watched my Goodwill pile grow
  • am listening to zac brown over and over
  • thinking i need another coffee so i can keep moving
  • can't wait to watch New Girl tonight

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