Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Any weekend spent in Chicago is my kind of weekend.  Add a couple of girlfriends, shopping, salsa dancing, lots of laughing and a serendipitous run-in with an old college friend...well...to say I had a blast...is a complete understatement.

A major snow storm hit the midwest...bundled up and over four hours later we made it!

Eat. Drink. Dance.  We went to Nacional 27 for some latin inspired food and salsa dancing. 
Look how much fun I am having!!!  Clearly, I went more 'freestyle' than salsa...
Saturday turned less than typical.  A leisure start lead to some Michigan Avenue shopping where I literally ran into one of my best friends from college...Marta!  Although we had lost touch, we exchanged numbers and have already made plans to get together.  I can hardly wait!
The marquee says it all...Kathy Griffin!!  Man, did we laugh!  It was so much fun!
Allison joined us for Kathy Griffin and we started with dinner at The Gage. On the website, the restaurant is defined as Refined Rusticity...or upscale comfort food. I looooved everything about it and will definitely return. After the show, we ended the night at The Wit...a trendy boutique hotel located next to the theatre.  If you go, the homemade mac n cheese was delicous and hit the spot.

I can't thank my girlfriends enough for including me and sharing their weekend with me.  Let's do it again soon! 


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  1. freestylin!!!! thumbs up!! holy f balls hilarious!!!