Friday, January 13, 2012

Something old...made into something new

Just another day...or was it?  A Checagou afternoon filled with sunshine, laughter and an inspiring, creative friend.

I met Eddie Huber, founder of Newfound Studio furniture design, through my friend Stacia Garriott Kass - owner of remember, that amazing junk shop in Sawyer, MI I've blogged about?

For me, he was one of those people you meet and it's as if you've known them forever.  Easy going, laid-back, funny and full of life.  The next thing you know you've sunk in beside him and made yourself comfortable.  Laughing...asking questions...realizing you've just met someone who is following their passions, loves life and takes creative to a new level.

He is a designer that scoures the city looking for unique pieces to refine, modify and make his own...focusing mostly on mid-century and vintage pieces. Eddie carefully takes furniture to its original state all the while, keeping in mind the integrity of each individual piece. 

Residing in Logan Square...a quaint, village-esque 'burb' of Chicago he is a fortunate guy...doing exactly what he loves. 

He mentioned to me that everyday seems like an adventure.  Roaming the big city hunting for great, classic pieces he literally turns into art. 

For example, a custom reception desk he and his friend Kate from Modified Originals, collaborated on for Stacia to house in her shop, Sojourn. 

It's beautiful!

This garage turned studio is where his furniture magic happens. 
A future lamp project using an old drum as the shade and some of his metal smithing as the base.  I love this!

More projects that turn into kewl pieces such as...

A custom designed welded steel console with reclaimed wood shelves.

Future projects...

Newfound Studios work is sold at Sojourn and can also be found on Facebook,, or via email at

Another day...definitely, very well spent.

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  1. really awesome stuff!!!! loooove it all!!can't wait to meet eddie!!!