Thursday, January 26, 2012

A couple of things went up in smoke...

My lunch and my job.

I'll keep it simple.  Company dissolved...I got laid off.  Luckily, I will survive...but, appears like this cookie sheet won't. 

I've been thinking about some things...maybe because I've had some time on my hands.  For the record...getting lost in thought is not a waste of time.  You never know what magic you will dream up...or have go up in smoke...which suddenly seems to be relatable to me. 

You may want to write this down!  While you are day-dreaming...don't forget about what you put in the oven.  True marks the second time in a month my fire alarm startled me...or saved my place from burning down. 

So, I put a little lunch in the oven (I don't own a microwave or toaster but perhaps these repetitive occurrences merit a shopping trip?) and I guess I completely forgot I was hungry.

Smoke...a piercing noise...OMG...I run to the oven and a small fire has engulfed the charred remains. 

I did find fire alarm works...however, no neighbors come by to see if I'm okay or if in fact they should get out of the building.  No fire trucks man in uniform knocks on my door to check things out...nothing...absolutely nothing happened.

Other than the obvious...I burnt my lunch...opened all the doors and windows and stood fanning my alarm for 20 minutes.  This is a workout by the way.  Try it.  My arms hurt and I wanted to stop waving the towel but if I did the alarm would start up again.  The first time I panicked a little thinking the apartment people would come running or I would hear engines so I knew this time...I could relax, take a couple of breaks and fan until it went quiet.  Then humbly proceed in cleaning up the mess.

I like to cook...I do...but it's obvious I'm no chef.  I would like to think my talents are in baked goods...desserts and small sweet things filled with goodness...this probably comes as no surprise with my high maintenance sugar tooth.   

I did decide to toss this pan.  For a number of reasons.  One, I'll always be explaining what happened to it if I am cooking with someone else...and it's kind of embarrassing. Two, it's gross.  Three, the elbow grease it would take to clean this isn't of interest to me, especially after the workout from the smoke alarm.  I figured a box of SOS pads is probably about $4.00.  My time to scrub the burnt crap off is worth...a lot more than that...even if I have the time.

Vee and I were chatting about things I want to do and she talked me into starting a little series I am going to call, Collecting Light.  I'll preface this as, I'm no photographer.  But, I'd like to be.  I like taking pictures and Vee encouraged me to get outside and snap away.  Use this time to do something I love to do and then post the week's images on Friday' simple collection of snapshots from the week. Kewl, I hope. 

As my world spins madly on I'll be collecting my thoughts...collecting my dreams...and somehow collecting myself...

Sometimes as you cruise along, life wants you to go in another direction...and so I will oblige. 

I will find my way...somehow...someday..I usually do.     


  1. Good luck to you! Sorry to hear about your job, but sound like you are taking the time to enjoy creative pursuits, good for you!

  2. looking forward to fridays!! lub chu!!!

  3. Your bright, beautiful smile will lead the way you are finding. Happy journey to you!