Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's eat C A K E!!!

I love birthday's!  Actually, I LOVE BIRTHDAY'S!!!

CAKE, fanfare, hoOplA, glitter, CUPCAKES, family, coOkiEes, sparkles, streamers, BalLoNs, ribbon, gifts, ICE CREAM, happiness, joy, LauGhTer, friends, memories...oh, the memories - one of the best parts of the aftermath of a birthday...aside from the leftover cake!

Birthday's mark the beginning of something.  An anniversary.  An annual observance.  A day celebrating someone's life. 

Did you know that a birthday is the oldest celebratory rites?  A rite that arose in every culture as soon as they had any sort of calendar.  KEWL.

This past Saturday my friend Josie turned 7!  She had a tea party with undertones of yellow and all things bears.  It was so much fun. 

The birthday girl!  Loved her sparkle and spots!

Yellow is Josie's favorite color!  How fun are all of the hanging decorations?

Please note the raised pinky!  Perfect tea etiquette!

Happy birthday to youuuuu!  Chachacha...Happy birthday to YOUUUUUU! Chachacha - she was so excited!
The C A K E!!!

Making a wish...

Not shown - peppermint twist!  YUM!

Everyone painted a bear bank

Evie's completed bear!  Soooo cute! fine wine - this t-shirt is hilarious!  You're looking at a picture of Katie's husband Braden from back in high school!
A mad frenzy of flying wrapping paper!

All of the girls sat in a circle watching.  A friend gifted her this journal covered in dogs.  She loved it.
This is such a great picture.  I like Evie's death grip on her friend Ashley and how they all have their arms around eachother.  So very special.


Katie texted me later that night. "Josie just said Melissa always gives the best gifts!  She knows just what I like!"

Phew!  I love that amazing seven year old! She always makes me feel like a million bucks.  I'm looking forward to celebrating all kinds of stuff this coming year with her!

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