Thursday, December 8, 2011


Defined as a group of numbers used to indicate the position of a point, line or plane.
We all have coordinates.  Places that mean something to us.  Where you were born.  Where you have lived.  Where you met someone.  Where you climbed your highest peak.  Where you had your first kiss.
Numbers…used to measure and define. 
I had some numbers that meant something to me…life, beginnings, equality, harmony, balance, happiness and ultimately endings. 
I told you about my friend Leanne’s jewelry business, Dragonfly Designs.  I pulled the trigger on one of the bracelets I had wanted.   It was industrial, edgy and I decided the perfect place to etch some meaningful numbers to create a special something in honor of my dad, handmade by my friend. 
Today, as I was sitting at my desk working away, I hear that Leanne is here to see me.  I smile!  A special delivery.  I couldn’t wait to see it!  Sometimes, life is all about the little things. 
I love it.  I absolutely love it.  LOVELOVELOVEIT! 
Thank you Leanne!  Along with all my other arm candy, I add a very special bracelet etched with the coordinates of my dad’s birthplace stamped on the front and his birth date on the back.
Little things with big meaning. 
Arm candy! The more the merrier! From top to bottom: Dragonfly Designs bracelet celebrating my dad, Shannon Koszyk gifted bracelet from Vee, shimmery blue seed bead bracelet gifted from Vee and Shannon Koszyk cross bracelet.
Birthdate on back of bracelet

Coordinates representing Huntsville, AL birthplace and resting place of my beloved dad.

If you are in Elkhart you can find Dragonfly Designs at Fix Salon and B on the River.  Leanne is also on ETSY! and on her blog  If you have any questions about her work or would like to make a purchase directly, she may be reached at


  1. I love this so much too. Have to have one!!! So cool. Going to check out Leann's website ASAP.