Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Art of Making Buckeyez

A recipe...instructions, a formula or a combination of things which lead you to a particular outcome.  In this case, an outcome of the BEST BUCKEYEZ.EVER!

Please note, although fuzzy, this is a copy of KT and The Ramey's recipe!  I never knew it said this and it made my heart smile that Katie's mom labeled the recipe as such!

Twenty years ago, every Friday night (how embarrassing or is it?), Vee, Katie and I ordered Volcano pizza and made buckeyes.  We had a system...it was broken into three positions.  Supervisor, hand-diver (this person mixed up and rolled the perfect-size-pop-it-in-your-mouth ball) and then the chocolate dipper.  Typically, we rotated jobs and honestly, we should have opened a buckeye bakery...they are that good.  I say that proudly and confidentally, because Tim Minzey is a connoisseur of buckeyes and he told us! 

You can only imagine the text Katie received when Tim found out Katie and I were bringing back an old tradition and dippin' some balls...eventhough, we were a man down.

Crunchy peanut butter is KEY!


This is it...where someone goes in and hand mixes the goodness...guess who VOLUNTEERED?  (Btw, no one ever volunteered for this job - that is why we made the 'rotation')

KATIE!!! And...with a SMILE!!  Ps...if your recipe does not include rice krispies, it should, they take them up a notch!

If you recall, we always looked this good making them! :o  Big hair...braces...thank goodness some things change.

C H O C O L A T E!!!

As if twenty years hadn't gone by...they were turning out...perfectly! 

I wish you could have tasted them...we could hardly wait for the chocolate to dry. 

I had so much fun.  More fun than one would think you could have while making cookies.  But that is what happens when we get together...we talk...we laugh...and we make Braden take goofy pictures of us! 

Btw, don't tell Josie and Evie we are creating a 'new' rotation list and adding their names to it!  We got a big kick out of this...who knows if they will!

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