Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unwrapping the holidayz

Two weeks exactly until we all feast with our family and friends…eat like piggies…get all fat and happy...  stuff our faces and then lay around in turkey comas.  Nice. I can’t wait. 
I love Thanksgiving.  It feels like one of those simple holidays.  Everyone’s in the kitchen…sippin on cocktails…laughing…talking…and five hours later the big bird gets set on the table and we all gather around it.  Diving in and going around sharing what we are thankful for. 
Who’s idea was this and why?  They got it gifts…just sharing and being together. 
We all know the basics; the Mayflower, the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, etc , etc.  But, you know me, I went sailing the web to find the real story and dig up some interesting details maybe you didn't know.
After perusing…I’d give equal credit to the Pilgrims and the Native Americans for celebrating their harvests and creating a day now known in history as Thanksgiving.  It seemed like it was a rough start for the Pilgrims landing the Mayflower and settling down.  I read that they would not have survived if not for the Indians.  They showed them how to farm, manage the crops and reap a bountiful harvest.  Apparently, their festival originally lasted three days!  KEWL, I did not know that.
I’m not so sure their round table was decorated with all the fanfare we use or that their meal was quite as elaborate as what we are used to.  We create a menu of what we like to eat…they created a menu on what they had to eat.  Big difference. 
Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pie.  It is what has developed as common denominators on what to dish out on the third Thursday every November.  I have shared many a Thanksgiving with different friends and it’s interesting to see what they have on their menu.  Everyone adds their own flare or dish that means something to their family.  Ah, traditions.  They are comforting. 
My favorite part of the meal, aside from the sweet potatoes smothered in marshmallows, and I’m sure this comes as no surprise, is dessert.  Pumpkin pie…pecan…apple…mmmm…I can taste them now.  I may bring strawberry rhubarb pie to my host this year just to stir things up.  I may even make it myself. 
At the heart of all of this feasting and being thankful..most of us find ourselves having ‘gone home.’  This year, those two words imply a lot of emotional content…for me anyway.
Here we go...unwrapping the holidayz...I'm looking forward to it!

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