Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give a little...get a lot!

Rick Reilly wrote a column for Sports Illustrated awhile back and it helped launch a campaign called Nothing but Nets.  I had contributed when it launched five years ago and I received an email the other day talking about the Horn of Africa and the devastation there.  I was reminded how lucky I am and how important it is to give to others.
I thought I’d share.
The next three paragraphs were the most important words Reilly felt he ever wrote.
We need nets.  Not hoop nets, soccer nets or lacrosse nets.
Not New Jersey Nets or dot-nets or clarinets.
Mosquito nets.

See, nearly 3,000 kids die every day in Africa from malaria.  And according to the World Health Organization, transmission of the disease would be reduced by 60% with the use of mosquito nets and prompt treatment for the infected.

We gotta get these nets…
You need about $10, all told, to get them shipped and installed…
10 bucks means a kid might get to live.

Wow.  His column made a difference.  It launched the grassroots movement that has sent over 6 million nets to 25 African countries saving millions of lives.  It is incredible and so simple.

I could go on and expand on what he said and rattle of the FAQs I learned when I went to the website but, I want you to go read it.

Once you get there…click on the word GIVE.  I know you have $10.

The web page did say this:

LEARN.  Malaria kills.  Nets save lives.

ACT.  Spread the buzz.

GIVE. Send a net. Save a life.

We all have so many blessings.  So much to be thankful for.  We do have all we want…all we really need and so much more.

If you can, please donate $10 today.  It will help protect a family.  You will help save a life. 

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