Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dust off the China!

Tea, anyone?  Seriously, I’ve never been to a continental breakfast provided by a hotel quite like the ones in the wine country.  What a shame it would have been to have passed up this feast.   Thankfully, we took full advantage of it.  Not the typical fare…no lame sugar cereals, to-go yogurts or bruised fruit. 
Not your average hotel continental breakfast bar, is it? 

Let me tell you…homemade apricot pound cake so moist you wanted seconds…a cream cheese danish I actually considered wrapping up in the pressed cloth napkin and smuggling out of there.  We did get the recipe and right after I make that fig pizza I’m going to try my hand at the danish.
When was the last time you ate breakfast on China?  I enjoyed it so much I have decided to buy some vintage China next time I am antiquing.  I won’t be going so fruity, however. I always loved my mother’s…pure white with the edges etched in gold.  Perhaps...if I ask, she may let me have it?  I think gold flatware to lay beside it would be devine.  Oddly, I never...ever...considered owning China…interesting how one experience can change your mind.    
Notice pinky finger's in the air...a perfect pear and a nearly clean plate!

We lingered at breakfast...savoring every minute but we were excited to get outside and explore the area. We discovered some hiking only five miles north of St. Helena.  I know your lure to Napa is most likely the wineries however, Bothe-Napa Valley State Park offers up some amazing scenery and mystical views of the wine country that are definitely worth checking out. 
Ritchey Creek on our way up to Coyote Peak
Huge Redwoods and Douglass Fir trees peppered the valley.  Tangled in the canyon were colored leaves, moss and what I can only imagine as every kind of spider and bug adaptable to that region lurking all around us.  To say it was beautiful is an understatement.  What an amazing place to hike and get a reprieve from the Napa Valley temperatures.  Mostly shaded and cool we hiked up Coyote Canyon Trail to the summit, approximately 1,200 elevation, and stared into the peaceful country-side spread out below.  What an awesome morning it turned out to be!
I love how the trees are covered in moss...looks really KEWL!
Throughout our hike we came across these trees covered in a red coating.  We still aren't sure if it is the type of tree or a coating to protect it from some kind of disease...does anyone know?
This is one of my favorite pictures from the hike...
KEWL mushroom! Appears to be glowing!

Vee and Katie at the summit!
Vee and I enjoying the view at the top!
I am looking forward to telling you about the rest of our day in my next post.  It really does just keep getting better and better…

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