Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dragonfly Designz

Last time I saw a dragonfly and really thought about it was on a white water rafting trip to West Virginia.  The guide warned us to leave it alone if one landed on our person.  He was serious about not shooing it away.  He said it meant good luck and safety on the river.  Honestly, why would you swat it away, they are so beautiful and harmless.  Shortly after he said that, one found its way on my leg.  I looked down…the transparent wings filed with color…so intriguing, and apparently, each one unique.
A few months after the river trip, I met a friend at a restaurant/café that combines an eatery with a gift shop; B on the River.  You must know that all of the artists featured there, are local.  I love that.  I saw my high school art teacher’s crafts and a few other people I knew.  In fact, just as I was about to abandon my look-see because lunch was ready, a necklace caught my eye.  Kewl, I thought.  This is so my style.  I looked at the artist and I couldn’t help but smile…it was designed and made by my friend Leanne.  Somehow, I loved it that much more.  My friend made this and she had named her collection, Dragonfly Designs.  How ironic.
Dragonflies have a lot of symbolism and I was interested in Leanne’s jewelry for a number of reasons, so I asked her to tell me more.
As I read about dragonflies…I could picture their ease of flight across the water that day rafting.  The dragonfly symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.   Showing power and poise the dragonfly is able to move in all six directions.  Wow.   Dragonflies only flap their wings 30 times per minute; it appears with the upmost simplicity and an effortless grace.  They, focus on living in the moment as they only have the ability to fly for a few short months.  Doing all they need to accomplish in that amount of time exemplifies an elegance and effectiveness of living in the moment and life to the fullest.
I knew Leanne in high school and although we had lost touch over the years, I remember things about her reflective of a dragonfly. 
I recall a strong sense of self, determination, maturity and living life to the fullest.
She likes their delicate wings and pure beauty.
I have a deep appreciation for people who create, continue to learn and do things that inspire them.  Well, I also have a need for an endless talk of all things pretty. 
Honestly, she has been posting her designs on Face book and I wanted you all to see her amazing collection of meaningful, hand-crafted designs I can’t help but gush about.
I love the industrial, simple, indie vibe her collection gives off.  She describes Dragonfly Designs as timeless, simple and fun. 
Self-taught and in business for four years, Leanne gets creative while listening to Glee (Omg, that is so her…a self-proclaimed Gleek!) in a garage turned workroom.  Her designs are reflective of a free spirit and are filed with meaning.  Most importantly, they are all hand-crafted and not made by a manufacturer.  I couldn’t support that thought more.  The buy local, made in the USA mantra comes to mind. 
Her collection started with a vision from a magazine.  A gift she wanted her husband to buy her for Christmas...she took a closer look and decided to make it herself.  Leanne is mother to Nathan and Grant and has since made countless necklaces for friend's just like this.  What a wonderful gift for someone who has just had a baby!
Inspiration comes from all kinds of places.  In the arms of angels was made for a friend whose sister had just passed.  What a touching, kind and thoughtful gesture at a time of loss.  Placed close to the heart, forever.

A couple of birds.  My favorite.  So simple.  So delicate.  I love these.

Leanne and her husband Dan own a metal etching company where she has started to create these tags to add to a necklace. This is one of my favorites. I love the turquoise, the bird, the peace sign and a simple initial.

Leanne just added a men's line.  I personally love this for myself.  I thought about putting my dad's birthday and including a personal note etched on the back with one of his favorite sayings. 

I can imagine myself layering on pieces from her collection and gifting these treasures to my friend’s. 
A dragonfly, a good friend, her jewelry and my blog.  All things change...grow and evolve.  I love how my high school friend has come to be and followed her dreams.  
If you are in Elkhart you can find Dragonfly Designs at Fix Salon and B on the River.  Leanne is also on ETSY!  www.dragonflydesignslmb.etsy.com and on her blog www.dragonflydesignsbylealea.blogspot.com.  If you have any questions about her work or would like to make a purchase directly, she may be reached at Leanne.brekke@gmail.com.

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  1. so great melis!!! xoxoxoxo leannes creations are simply beautiful! she and i are lucky to know and love you!!!