Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decking the halls...

Have you caught the spirit?
To falala or not to falala…that was the question.  I debated…tree or no tree. 
I grew up with garland down the banister…faux candlesticks glowing in every window and the living room turned into a wonderland of merry. 
I wanted to…but I didn’t.  And then…I heard my neighbors laughing and I saw the flicker of lights.  She was looping a string around the banister on the deck as he wrangled the tree inside.
Maybe I did…maybe I really did want to deck the halls?
I wanted to sit each night and get lost in my lights...the glitter…that soft glow.  I wanted to catch the spirit. 
So, I got a tree.  I had so much fun…listening to music…a glass of wine in hand...decorating every branch.  My little Christmas was coming to life.
It wasn’t much of an investment if you consider all the joy I’ve gotten and can only imagine what it will continue to bring.
You know I love all things vintage and Lucinda loaned me her amazing collection of antique ornaments.  She even had a vintage topper.   I love it.  It’s beautiful…well…it’s beautiful to me. 
I’ve always believed in the magic of Christmas…and with a little holiday cheer…here comes the spirit… 
The vintage gold topper.

I only used a couple of ornaments...

 I think they are so beautiful...
So...I couldn't help it...I used them all...

I used a scarf for the tree skirt...



  1. its gorgeous!!!! josie said she thinks there is an ornament on every single branch... maybe two!! most important is bezie loves it!!!!

  2. so tall and skinny! love the tree topper best.