Friday, November 18, 2011


Did you realize ‘stressed’ written back words spells, D E S S E R T S?  That makes me smile.  Probably because I love desserts. I’m not stressed although this time of year brings it on.  You don’t even ask for it…it’s just there…other people’s crazy rubs off.  You know, all the stores are chaotic…people budging in line…ramming your cart cause there isn’t any room…just inconsiderate and everything takes like a million times longer than ‘normal.’
I just wanted to share what I read somewhere else that made me smile this morning...which promted other things that had me smiling... 
Pam, the barista at Starbucks must have seen me walk in and my usual cup of happiness was waiting for me by the time I got to the waiting!  It made me feel special…it did, sounds lame, but she remembered…and remembering what people like is nice. 
I also smiled because today is Friday!  It really is the most satisfying day of the week, isn’t it?  Saturdays are typically simple…easy-going and laid back. Sometimes they can tend to lean towards the…well, for me anyway…the, oh my gosh…I have to get all this stuff finished I can’t accomplish during the week feeling.  Go see this…do that…extra long gym time…linger places…suddenly…it’s over and Sunday arrives.  Then Monday is just lurking around Sunday…getting in the way of relaxing.  I get anxious and fret it away gearing up for the week. 
I’ll tell you what though…today, I’m going to be smiling at 4:00pm when I head to my car.  A gratifying feeling worth crackin a grin for to put this week behind me and know I’ll enjoy my evening and feel like I have my whole life ahead of me…even if it is only two dayz…Saturdee and Sundee.  Here I come…smiling. 
I'm also smiling because my dear friend Paloma told me she is having a BOY!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I'm so excited!

Paloma and I on the beach in Half Moon Bay.  I love her...the beach...the ocean...definitely, all reasons to smile.

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