Thursday, October 27, 2011

We took our hearts to San Francisco

Off the Cuff has been off the grid.  I apologize.   I knew October would be a tough month to get through and I let a lot of things go that I wished I would have had the motivation or strength to get through but I didn’t.   Although, I had no idea how difficult the entire year would really be, I finally feel myself emerging and celebrating...slowly letting the underlying sadness that seemed to envelope me drift away.
Vee and I discussed earlier this year that we would go to wine country to honor our dad and dedicate that weekend to one of his passions in life – wine making, eating and being with friends.  Since I spent ten years in the Bay Area and Marin County I took the lead on planning.  Over the next several days, I will break down how we lifted our wine glasses in remembrance of our wonderful dad and how we will never forget his spirit. 
In a nutshell, Katie, Vee and I started in Sonoma, cruised through Yountville, St. Helena, Healdsburg and enjoyed the final day in San Francisco spending time with some dear friends of mine. 
What a special adventure and one I will never forget.  I am looking forward to sharing it all with you. 
Our dad's name is Doyle...we met up with Katie's cousin for coffee before we headed to the airport yesterday.  How serendipitous that he worked on Doyle street and we sat at the Doyle Street Cafe?

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