Monday, October 31, 2011

Time flies...just like a witch on her broom...

BOO!!!  Did I scare you?
Another month in 2011 to check off.  Again, I’ll repeat, time flies…just like a witch on her broom…
I haven’t spent too much time thinking about Halloween…or how I would participate or if I even would.  It is my least favorite holiday, gasp, this may come as a shock to hear; especially considering ‘sweet tooth’ is my middle name. 
Honestly, the pressure for a costume idea is overwhelming to me.  I also can’t stand spending money on stuff like this, in fact, so much so, that I have almost always borrowed a friend’s.  This costume usually turns out to be so-last-year and not even relevant, yet I’ll wear it anyway.  That’s how little I care. 
Scary things creep me out.  In fact, I refuse to put myself in these types of situations…haunted house, haunted hayride, walking through a cemetery or anything of the like that will make my heart race.  Why would I put myself through that knowing I’m two steps away from a heart attack?  I find myself sleuthing along just waiting for someone to jump out at me and yell BOO!!!  Or fire up a chainsaw and act as if they just might cut me to pieces!!  I can hear myself screaming right now. 
But, I’ve played along and I hate it every time and I always say to myself…I am so not doing this next year!
A cool factoid, in case you forgot, Halloween is a contraction of All-Hallows-Even.
Here are some activities I am in favor of…lighting bonfires (bring on the s’mores – not so Halloweenish), bobbing for apples (I will not participate because this grosses me out but I love watching people try to do this), playing pranks or ‘tricks’(perhaps these ‘tricks’ are threats in order to get the ‘treats’ which I sometimes find funny if not done on me), throwing a costume party (I like to throw parties…and I love themes…but again...I find I dread a goolish Halloween costume party), telling scary stories (I need to be the story teller in this situation – that way I know what is happening). 
Activities I am not in favor of include… carving jack-o-lanterns (sharp knives are dangerous and pumpkins are slippery and awkward…the mess is everywhere…someone decides it’s a great idea to roast the seeds…forgets about them…they burn and the stink forever lingers…and a rotted pumpkin usually gets left for me to remove…I guess painting them is the way to go but overall it really just doesn’t sound fun to me).  Btw, another factoid, carving pumpkins into lanterns was done as a way of remembering the souls held in purgatory. A ‘souling’ custom apparently…interesting and KEWL. I am also not into watching scary movies (this is an absolute no no in my book – I will be under the covers and uncomfortable the ENTIRE movie), trick-or-treating or really begging for free people still do this?  I am too old now but if I was who knows what these people are really putting in my sack…tainted candy, razor-blades in my apples, pedophiles hiding in the trees…not to mention it’s either really cold and you are wearing a jacket covering your well thought out expensive costume or it’s raining.  Here is another factoid, trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval practice of souling…this also means when poor folks would go door to door on Halloween, receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls’ Day.  AND, in my case growing up, I had to promptly turn over all the candy to get placed on top of the bureau in the dining room to be rationed out and then beg for a piece! Torture! Finally, I believe I've already mentioned my dislike of touring a haunted house (no thank you), going on a haunted hay-ride (you may recall I will do this apple picking but not to get to a scary haunted house) and walking cemetaries for thrills at night. 
Lastly, one of the biggest turn offs of Halloween for me is that it is final…summer has come to an end. 
Perhaps, just to challenge myself…and I’ll put this out here right now…I may throw a costume/souling party…in, say May…near my birthday…as a pre-cursor to the Halloween celebration!  A big affair…like I imagine Heidi Klum and Seal throwing…elaborate costumes…we’ll make s’mores over the bonfire and we will set off lanterns like they do in China.  In lieu of trick or treating, we will go from room to room and sip on different wines and eat candy from around the world…maybe…it might be fun…and one good thing…I’d have a grand costume for Halloween 2012!
This picture is of my good friend Chris Vankula and I headed to a Phish concert on Halloween in Las Vegas.  I was a Greek roommate's old costume.  It was and has been my all time favorite Halloween celebration, ever. 

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  1. Bah humbug! Yikes!!!! Mental note... Scare Mel!!! Hehehe oh no wait I hate being scared too!!! Don't want paybacks!! Cheers to thanksgiving!!!!