Friday, October 28, 2011

Sonoma and some fig

I mentioned I spent ten years living everywhere between San Francisco and Marin County.  While driving  Vee and Katie around the city and while we were headed north on the 101, I found myself saying...I lived here…and here and over there.  Katie asking questioningly…so did you move every year you lived here?  Pretty much.  I guess it’s my style, although I am gravitating towards trying to plant some roots…well, maybe someday.
Nonetheless, having guests meant you were usually taking a trip to the wine country.  I am not typically someone who goes where everyone else does…and Napa is where everyone goes. Sonoma is a close second, however, one night is well worth it, especially since I was late calling for lodging and unable to find a room for Saturday night.  Thankfully, the kind man who took my call, so graciously made an exception on the two-night  minimum. 
The town was full and rightfully so…this time of year is harvest season.  Really, the best time to go and Sonoma is located in the heart of one of the world’s premier wine producing regions.  The scenery is amazing and the central Plaza compliments the area and creates a visual beauty that certainly made me feel like I made the right decision having us stay for one night.  There are a lot of unique boutiques, wine tasting, spas and five-star restaurants. 
I had heard of The Girl and The Fig and knew a reservation would be tough to get.  Luckily, coming from the Midwest and asking for a table at 5:30pst we may have seemed more like blue hairs than the regular diners.  We got lucky.  I can’t say enough about this fabulous place and the memorable meal we had. 
First of all, they seemed so excited we were there and anxious to fit us in.  They happily guided us through the bar area to the outdoor courtyard and seated us right in front of the brick fireplace. 
Personally, I am all about where I am sitting in a restaurant.  It can make or break the entire experience for me.
Do not sit me near the kitchen…I can hear the staff complaining about their tables, the clanking of the pots and pans and the mad rush back there until you hear them collect themselves as they walk through the door bringing out the food.
Do not sit me near the bathroom…you can imagine why.
Do not sit me next to the waiting area…it could be the worst place to sit, actually.  People listening to your conversation…hawking your food or giving you stink eye because they have been waiting too long for a table.
Wasn’t the case Saturday night…it was perfect!  I loved every minute of it!
We decided to share everything since it all sounded amazing.  They started us with olives soaking in oil and we ordered a cheese platter with some sort of apricot, cherry jam on the side.  WOW!  We moved on to a half pound of steamed mussels and an arugula fig salad.  We were speechless. I can easily say it somehow got better.   Tender steak with garlic potatoes and a flounder so flakey it melted in your mouth. 
THEN!!!!  This…this…chocolate torte with caramel baked inside that oozed out when you dug in…and…it was served with cinnamon ice cream!  You know I’m a connoisseur of desserts with a sweet tooth that does not steer me wrong and well….this was over the top! 
YOU SIMPLY MUST GO!  You can safely interpret that as me screaming that advice to you.  I CAN NOT wait to go back.   
I had suggested we return to the hotel and get in the hot tub…or light the log and listen to music while sitting on our cute deck overlooking the pool while sipping some wine and catching up some more…
What really happened was we were all so fat and happy we basically crawled in bed from exhaustion… traveling is hard work.  Maybe we really are more like blue hairs than I thought!   
You can be sure of a couple of dad would have loved it...I had an amazing time celebrating...I will definitely go back and I won't be wearing that dress! (Note to self: dress not flattering while sitting for a picture)


  1. heeheehee!! you look amazing!!! well, not as amazing as the chocolate caramel torte with SALTED CARAMEL ice cream!!!! ugh! just ask the ten pounds i gained from the WHOLE thing!!! I heart the girl and the fig!! i heart you toooo!!!!

  2. Reading this post was absolutely torture, but in the way that I'm happy you had such an awesome experience and I'm bummed that it will be some time before I get get to the girl and the fig (best restaurant name ever -- how am I not the owner?) and try this food myself.