Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fruit Safari

Hand-picked apples…wagon ride…pony trot…all on a beautiful, sunny afternoon in southwest Michigan. 
Back country roads full of changing leaves and the smell of burning piles guided us on our day trip adventure to hand pick apples. 
Tree-Mendus Farms in southwest Michigan was such a cool place.  Apparently, they grow over 250 varieties of apples and harvest September through October.  Who knew there were even that many to choose from? To name a few they offered; Golden and Red Delicious, Cortland, Jonathon, Empire, Mutsu (I wanted this one just because I liked the name), Gala, McIntosh, Fuji, etc.  The only apple they didn’t have was Honey Crisp; my all time favorite.
 I couldn’t remember the last time I went apple picking, so when Katie asked me to go along I was excited!  At first I thought to myself, will they let me just pick…I don’t know…say 5 apples?  What am I going to do with a bucket full? 
Let’s face it…there are a million things to do with apples.  I will undoubtedly eat a couple, my Dr. Oz shake requires one…I could make caramel apples…I could throw some at my neighbor when he leaves for playing his music too loud...I could make a home-made PIE…I could have a party and we could bob for apples…I could make applesauce!  It’s really endless, right…just be creative.
The wagon ride was really fun and the guy driving had us flying through the orchard.  I am surprised my Tree-Mendus picture of the sign wasn’t a complete blur.  The girls each took a pony ride and we ended the adventure in the country market.  It boasted a variety of fruitful products including, cider, honey, apple butter, maple syrup, etc.  I picked up some home-made jellies for my brother-in-law.  He said they were to die for and I believe it. 
The four of us on the wagon ride headed to pick apples!
Cheeeeseeee....CUTE!  LOVE this pic and love Josie's smile!

Evie picking some Red Delicous!

Our buckets are full!

Look at that tail!  Gorgeous! 

Applesauce?  Carmel apples?  Pie?

Great day with my friends!  Thanks for including me!

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  1. THis looks like so much fun! I've never been apple picking ut always wanted to go! I'm going to make sure I do it this fall!