Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zig Zag

No, not Charlie Brown – MISSONI!  The Bulls eye launched the Missoni for Target line today!  The best I could manage was to plan to hit the madness at lunch.  I can only hope everything on my list is still available because the website is, gasp, “temporarily not responding!”
Not only do I have Missoni on the brain…I have Lucky Harvest on my mind.  My submission entry for Lucky Magazine is to create, invite, plan and execute a themed dinner party with hors d’oeuvres, main course, dessert, invitations, fanfare, etc, etc.    
Given five days to do all of this, work my ‘real’ job and I was out of town for the weekend, you can only imagine I’ve been scrambling to get it all thrown together. 
I hesitate to remind you I have an event background for fear my friends will show up and be like…uh…haven’t you thrown events for a living?  And like I’m telling you…not dinner party’s people…big events…music festivals…parades…those kind of events…with massive amounts of people who WANTED to attend.  My friend’s have sort of been forced to come to this harvest dinner party. 
I do feel, however, the event, and it is turning into just that, is coming together.  I have to be honest; I have never thrown a dinner party this elaborate for anyone in this amount of time.  Having recently relocated to Elkhart, I really don’t have the ‘stuff’ to have a dinner party for five or six people.  Seriously, I have four wine glasses that match…I am borrowing two sauce pans and all of the dishes and serving platters have been offered up on loan.  I’m letting it go and being thankful for my friends who are helping me pull this off.
I am also relieved that these are my friends who are attending and not some Lucky Magazine Executives!  Can you imagine the ‘behind-the-scenes’ chaos that will be happening and won’t be noted?  Of course, I have recruited them to ‘come early’ and help.  My great idea of hosting the meal outdoors presents its own set of challenges since my kitchen is a football field away from the table.  No electricity so I’ll be running back and forth…who…do I wonder could I pay to dress up like a Butler and serve us?  See!  Not only do I barely know four people in Elkhart to beg to come to dinner last minute (the minimum requirement for the submission was to have four people to dinner) I don’t have the time to really do this right and find some tall…dark and handsome man all ‘tuxed’ up to serve us! 
We all know reality bites and unfortunately, the reality of it is that it will be me…running back and forth…most likely sloshing the organic, creamy butternut squash soup with creame fraiche and roasted pumpkin seeds with a side of Artisan parmesan flatbread, I’m not kidding, and hoping it all stays hot…or warm…or just chokable.
My sister keeps asking me why I am hosting this outside and to make it easier on myself but you all might like to remind her...like I did...that on my farewell to summer list I mentioned how I wanted to eat outside as much as I could before it got too cold.
So, with that…the event is being held outside…near a pond…very far away from my kitchen…but I think it will be awesome.  I wish you all could participate but I’ll take lots of pictures and the story that is gonna be told, at least to Lucky Magazine, is that all went off without a hitch. 
A sneak peek at the seat assignment markers doubling as a take home gift. 


  1. so much fun! that's one of my favorite magazines:) always have such great ideas!

  2. Good luck with the Lucky project! I went to Target to shop the Missoni collection and it was madness! The shelves were wiped clear within minutes. Too bad the site was down :( I got most of the things on my wish list, and made impulse buys, but I'm very happy with the quality of the apparel.

  3. I can't wait to see more photos from your party! I'd so help you get everything ready if I lived closer.