Thursday, September 1, 2011

Warning: 22 days left of summer!

Did you just panic?  I did.  I am thinking…summer can’t be coming to a close.  Did I get everything I wanted to do, finished?
Apparently, the first day of fall begins September 23, 2011.  This day, or more precisely, this moment is the moment when the Sun’s illusionary path over our sky happens to be right over our Equator.
In the US, summer season unofficially ends with Labor Day, which is on the first Monday of September, so this year it will be on September 5th.  The September equinox marks the end of a beautiful season, but also marks the beginning of one of the most colorful seasons – fall.
As you know, I like to make lists so, I decided to create a new one.  All of the things I want to do before, *sigh* winter.  I guess it’s my way of ‘looking forward.’
1.       Find some great places to go hiking near Elkhart
2.       Participate in the ‘road bike after work’ on Wednesday’s group at least once
3.       Remember to have drinks/dinner outside whenever it’s warm
4.       Find a yoga studio to join
5.       Invite a few friends over for a ‘gourmet’ meal
6.       Finish reading the books Katie loaned me
7.       Work on making my home feel less temporary by scouring flea markets in little towns outside of Elkhart
8.       Go to Napa Valley and celebrate my dad in October
9.       Be a ‘tourist’ in Elkhart and discover some new things to do – remember I went to The Botanical Gardens art festival last weekend?
10.   Don’t waste a day!
Fall hiking in beautiful

More Utah beauty...

Me biking....

A picture of a vineyard in St. Helena I took when I was there celebrating Megan and Sean's wedding!
But, alas, here it comes…like some countdown…tomorrow will leave 21 dayz


  1. I have a few places to show you!!! remind me of your list when we need sumthin to do!!!!!!

  2. thanks for inspiring me to make my own list of things I need to do before Winter sets in! ps I love the vineyard picture.